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Owning A Cat

How To Kitten Proof Your Home

Kittens are just like little toddlers. They are hyperactive, curious and constantly getting into everything. A new kitten will always find a way to try to explore everything and anything. And, if you are thinking of getting lovely new drapes, I suggest waiting until your cat has moved out of kitten-hood, as our kitty used to love to try and climb the drapes to reach the ceiling!

Here are some ways to kitten proof your home to avoid your new pet incurring accidents and injuries.

  • Toilet lids should always be kept down to avoid a kitten falling in and drowning.
  • Cats naturally like to supplement their meat-eating diet with greens, and indoor cats will usually go after any houseplant that may be about. Be aware that many houseplants are poisonous to cats!!
  • Fake flowers and plants are a good substitute for plants, but remove the decorative moss that may line the containers . This moss poses a choking as well as a poison hazard for young kittens.
  • Be sure to keep all sharp objects such as utensils, knives, razors safely in drawers or holders so that cats can’t play with them, step on them or swallow them.
  • Kittens are attracted to warm areas. Make sure you check the inside of your dryer before you run it or your kitten could be killed by heat and injuries from being tumbled.
  • Watch out for rocking chairs and recliners, which can trap a kitten's paw or tail if you don't know they are underfoot.
  • Household cleaners are poisonous to cats so keep them locked up securely. Never leave bottles with unscrewed caps around as it is easy for a curious kitten to mistake a poison for water.
  • Keep your kitten out of the garage and out from beneath parked cars! Cats are attracted to the sweet taste of antifreeze, so it shuld in be kept in a secured cabinet out of harm's (and kitty's) way.
  • Electrical cords are highly dangerous to kittens, yet seem to always attract them for nibbling and teething, which can cause electrocution. When purchasing new appliances such as vacuum cleaners, look for those that have cord retractors, and conceal all wires or encase them in special tubing available from computer and auto supply stores. Even wrapping exposed cords several times with heavy ply plastic tape is better than just leaving cords that are plugged in lying around.
  • Tie up the cords from window blinds as well as kittens can easily strangle themselves in the loops.
  • If you live in an apartment, or your home has more than one story, always be careful of open windows. Kittens are famous for pushing out screens and falling out the window.
  • Pack away big decorative pillows until your kitten is older. They like to burrow beneath huge cushions and have a nap. It is just to easy for someone to seriously injure a kitten by sitting it on it if it is burrowed beneath a decorative cushion.
  • Don’t leave plastic bags with handles lying around. These types of thin white bags which are commonly given out by grocery stores and drug stores have handles that easily wrap around a kitten’s neck potentially causing strangulation or smothering.
  • Protect your kitten from people you don’t trust. Pets, especially cats, can be the targets of paranoia, jealousy and other negative human behaviors.