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Owning A Cat

Owning A Cat

The amount of happiness that a cat can bring to your life is immeasurable. A cat can make an excellent pet, providing that you properly care for it. But before you take on the responsibility of owning a cat or kitten, you need to think carefully about what owning a cat will involve. The section on our site will attempt to help you answer a whole bunch of questions on cat ownership, from what cat might be the right kind for you, to how much it might cost per year to care for your new pet to helping you assemble the supplies you will need when you bring kitty home.

You will also see that we have information on where you may wish to adopt or purchase your cat too. KittyFirst off, however, Purrballs.com advocates adoption because there are far too many pets out there without a home already! It is our belief that all cats should be neutered or spayed if not being used for a specific breeding purpose. If you are a cat owner, it is simply unacceptable in this day and age not to get your cat spayed or neutered. Your local vererinary clinic will often have special days where fees are reduced or subsidized, so if cost is a factor, be sure to call and find out what you can do to ease the finaincial component. Remember, already there are not enough homes for the cats in shelters now.

Once you have your new kitty, be aware of what constitutes normal behavior for hiim or her so you can easily spot when something is amiss or atypical. Often, when cats are sick or in pain they´ll hide in an out-of-the-way spot and not come out. Our cat Chloe hid under the middle of a king size bed for three days when we first moved to our house, so emotional stress can also affect your cat's behaviour. But, if they aren´t grooming themselves or eating and drinking for more than a day or so, do take them for a visit to the vet to make sure everything is OK. Cats are generally never messy or ungroomed unless something is wrong, and being off their food is another strong indicator that their health may be amiss.

As far as breeds, I have just added a whole fabulous section on all of the different cat breeds to our site! (See I promised I would create this, and voila, here you go faithful readers!) Also, there is an excellent link I can provide to you about all the different breeds of cats and what their temperaments are like. Visit The Cat Fancier's Association page on breeds; you'll find lots of pictures and content here to help you get a feeling for whether or not a pedigreed cat is right for you. Pedigreed or not though, cats are often fun, faithful and loving companions!