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Owning A Cat

Buying a Cat From A Professional Breeder

Should you buy a cat from a professional breeder? First of all you need to know what defines a professional breeder in the first place. This is because some people in the habit of calling themselves a professional breeder are actually exploiting their animals.

An excellent way to tell the difference between a professional breeder (and one that is just claiming to be one) is to actually visit the kennel. Usually it is cleanliness and knowledge that separates the professionals from the exploiters of both animals and humans.

Avoid breeders who do not have clean kennels or who are keeping the mothers kittens in a filthy environment. In fact, if a breeder will not let you visit a litter or the kennel, then call the humane society or the police. A refusal to let you visit the kennel could be a sign that something terrible is going on behind closed doors - most likely serious health violations.

A truly professional breeder can prove that they have studied the ancestry of the mother and father cat before breeding and certify their breeding stock for genetic abnormalities. The best breeders tend to be those breed show kittens as well as they have the most interest in keeping the bloodlines of their pedigreed animals as pure as possible.

A sign that you are dealing with an exploitive breeder is if they keep too many breeds or produce too many litters a year. Breeders who have lots of litters may have trouble keeping track of their litter’s paperwork. Truly professional breeders go to the expense and trouble of testing parents for hereditary diseases. They carefully select compatible males and females as parents, weed out animals with poor health, physicality or temperament.

As a rule of thumb, try to remember that responsible breeders keep no more than two breeds at one time in their kennels to keep the bloodlines pure. Any breeder that is producing more than six litters a year could possible be exploiting the animals.

The behavior of the kittens inside the kennel can also tell you a lot about the professionalism of the breeder. If the mother kitten acts fearful or anxious (quivers or acts submissive) she is probably not going to produce a healthy kitten. The same is true of a mother kitten that is biting or swiping at strangers. Chances are that these same wild aggressive traits will be bred into her kittens.

Professional breeders don't overwork the reproductive systems of the mothers by producing too many litters a year. They will also refund your money if you are not happy with your purebred cat. A professional cat breeder is also able to guarantee that the kittens are free of genetic disease and that the kitten has been wormed. Such a breeder will also not be reluctant to give you the name of other people who have purchased pets from them as well as produce health certificates and other information about the kitten's ancestors.

The clear advantage of buying from a professional breeder is that the kitten that you buy will most likely be physically, emotionally and mentally healthier than a kitten acquired from any other source. Its behavior will also be more predictable.

If you are afraid that you cannot afford a pedigreed kitten, keep in mind that not every kitten that a professional breeder sells is intended to be a purebred or a show kitten. Many responsible breeders sell pet purebreds at a lower price than their more expensive show cats.