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How old is your cat compared to you? The average indoor cat can live 12-17 years, outdoor cats usually live 4-5 years. They may reach their 20s in fairly good health. Living indoors increases these chances drastically. They are known as kittens (up to 8-9 months); adult cats (1-9 years); and senior/geriatric (8-9+ years).


How do you say "cat" in Italian? Puss! We tell you how in forty-seven languages.


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Archived News

Rare Sumatran tigers at the Toronto Zoo are obsessed with the perfume Obsesssion by Calvin Klein. Staff discovered that tigers like to rub themselves on trees sprayed with the perfume, making the tigers happier and more playful which in turn increases mating frequency. Unfortunately, the zoo could not find a cheap alternative to Obsession, they tried to duplicate the complex formula of a dozen chemicals, it was unsuccesful and the tigers rejected the copy cat! Follow the "Tiger Obsession" link on the bottom of this Daily Planet page to view a video of the frisky tigers.

Kudos to René Chartrand, The Catman of Parliament Hill, for his daily compassion and unconditional love of many cats!

Remember Your Pet When Planning Your Estate - Ottawa Humane Society's Pet Stewardship Program.

The Bill to amend the Cruelty to Animals Sections of the Criminal Code was re-introduced into Parliament by Justice Minister Martin Cauchon on October 9th and it became Bill C-10. Check back for updates. The Bill is to amend the provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada which prohibit the mistreatment of animals. Changes stipulate that animals are no longer viewed as property but recognized in their own right because they have the capacity to suffer. Prison terms and fines for people who abuse animals will increase substantially. The welfare of pets and growing scientific evidence that suggests animal abuse can be an early warning sign for violence against humans has been a growing concern. Visit the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies for more information on crimes against animals and to offer your support.