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Animal-Related Organizations

The Animal Protection Services Department of the Ottawa Humane Society responds to calls of suspected cruelty and/or neglect to an animal. In extreme cases of neglect or cruelty, the animal is removed from the owner's premises. To report a suspected situation involving an animal that may be abused or neglected, please contact 725-3166 extension 224 - all calls are confidential.

Adopt a cat from the Ottawa Humane Society or consider adopting one cat via their program Rescue Cats are Special Needs Cats.

Animal Alliance of Canada is an animal protection organization that focuses on issues concerning the goodwill and respectful treatment of animals by humans. See which companies do not test their products on animals in the Compassionate Shopping Guide.

Animal Defence League of Canada recommends you spay and neuter your cats to prevent the birth of kittens for which no homes can be found.