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Cat Facts

The PurrBalls growing list of cat facts:

70 - A cat's tongue, nose and paw pads are sensitive. More so are its whiskers, detecting anything that touches them up to 2,000 times less than the width of a human hair!

69 - There are about 450 million cats on the planet, making the house cat the most popular of all the feline species.

68 - Cats are not able to chew sideways. They cut their food instead of chewing prior to swallowing it.

67 - The cat is the only domestic animal who can look humans straight in the eyes without flinching, which explains the old superstition that cats can read minds.

66 - Cats do not have collar bones. This absence make them expert climbers by stretching out their forearms, it also enables them to squeeze into tight spaces.

65 - Tea for humans can be made with catnip by steeping the dried leaves in boiling water to soothe nerves, induce sleep, reduce fever and relieve indigestion. Drinking it cold stimulates appetite.

64 - The word animal is derived from the Latin word anima which means soul.

63 - Most cats display signs of brontophobia, fear of thunder (thunderstorms, thunderbolts).

62 - Cats who go outdoors can be infected by other cats via fighting or mating with contagious and often lethal diseases like feline immunodeficiency virus, feline infectious peritonitis and feline leukemia.

61 - A female cat can be spayed during her heat cycle.

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