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Pashu + Tisha's Haircuts


Our veterinarian suggested we get our aging very long-haired cats shaved for the summer. They didn't have mats due to regular brushings but their coat is very thick. We agreed since she convinced us they would be much more comfortable during hot summer months, even though we have the air conditioner on when it's too hot. She also stated that the cats would be ingesting less hair etc... Luckily our vet at the Bytown Cat Hospital has an in-house groomer, it felt safer. Their first hair cut was interesting (the looks on the cats' faces were priceless), Leslie the groomer was very professional and gentle considering the cats were a little anxious at first. They love getting shaved though, after the fact! They're very cute with their lion clip, where the scruff and tip of tail is left bushy. Having the cats shaved is now a summer ritual over here.

If you have long-haired cats, it's hot where you live and you can afford it (approx. $35 per cat), you may want to consider talking to your vet about it. The cats look a little odd for the first week or two but they clearly love the comfort, and it eventually grows back.

If you are in the Ottawa area and want to do this for your cats, Purrballs recommends this place:

Bytown Cat Hospital
Leslie / Groomer
422 McArthur Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1K 1G6
Tel (613) 741-2460
Fax (613) 741-8463

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