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Plants Poisonous to Cats

View plant names by scrolling below or print your wallet-size version of the list of plants poisonous to cats for easy access when you're shopping!

About 700 varieties of plants may be poisonous to your pet. Some will cause gastrointeritis, mouth alterations, cardiac or respiratory failure.

Greenery is important for cats to aid their digestion -- grow grass in pots indoors for them to munch on! It is safer to not let cats eat anything you are unsure about. Immediate veterinary attention is required if you suspect your cat has ingested something toxic.

I also found another source of information on toxic plants you should avoid with cats. Visit the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Centre for a very thorough list, and there are pictures available there as well.

Plants Poisonous to Cats
Updated August 7, 2006

Photos available where linked. When viewing, keep in mind that plants usually come in different varieties and colours.

This list is not official or exhaustive. Contact your veterinarian to get in-depth animal poison info.

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