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Catnip is not effective for kittens but fascinating to most cats. They apparently get a "trip" from catnip, considered to be very similar to marijuana/pot for humans. Catnip serves as a mild nerve stimulant and does not harm most cats except for those with kidney ailments. Given once a month or bi-monthly is enough. It is the odour (from the mint family) which produces the effect, not the taste. Before offering catnip, rub it between your fingers to release its odours.

Cats high on catnip may act like sexually-aroused queens. The herb was thought to be an aphrodisiac but scientific tests have indicated that it is not. Catnip arouses even lazy and bored cats and stimulates valuable exercise.

Games and Exercise

A scratching post is the best toy and piece of furniture for both exercise and scratching for your cat to use whenever the desire strikes. Get lots of ideas here on how to make life fun for your kitty.


Cats learn tricks only when they are inclined to do so. Most cats will not bother with tricks unless they are convinced that such goings-on will be worth their while. The cat must be in the mood and the teacher must be loved, loving, interested, interesting and patient.

Training sessions should be just before mealtime, short and fun with lots of play and rewards. Any cat who enjoys tricks should be encouraged and trained to its full potential as this is a rare trait. Cats will not be forced but will respond to love, persuasion and enticement.

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