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Is Your Cat Lonely?

Most cats adjust very well to being alone but there are some who would rather have human companionship than to be left by themselves.

Ensure you leave cat toys around and that they can perch on a window with a view. You can also leave the radio on quietly during the day while you're at work, the low voices and music tend to be soothing to a cat. If you find it is constantly following you and needs your attention a lot, another kitty friend may be all that is needed. You will notice by their behaviour if this is the case.

Ensure you have play sessions with your cat on a daily basis! Communicating with your cats soothes them too, they love cooing, having their presence acknowledged (i.e. saying "hi sweety!" when they enter a room, etc.) The rewards for taking your cat into consideration on a daily basis will be true unconditional love in return.

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