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Cat Care

Follow the links on the left for various tips to help you care for your cats.

For professional individualized cat care advice, a competent veterinarian must be consulted. PurrBalls.com shares our information/know-how to simply give you a refresher or insight into the basics of cat care. Please read this disclaimer which applies to all information on this site.

Cats need to be stimulated via communication, exercise/play, positive interaction and be taken care of to ensure psychological and physical well-being. Cats often develop behavioural problems when lonely (see the fun for kitty page for tips and ideas on how to play with and entertain your cat to help avoid any problems.)

You can also check out our Cat Ownership section, for information on how to choose a cat, getting your home ready for your new cat, and useful supplies to have on hand when sharing your home with your new love-able Purrballs!

More care-related information:

Animal CPR - very helpful in case it's needed one day (on the way to the vet's or emergency animal hospital).

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