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A professional's advice (veterinary or veterinary nutritionist) regarding what to feed your cats should be sought out for your cat's unique needs. Read the CatWatch article: Feeding Your Cat: Home-Prepared Versus Commercial Diets for more information on the subject.

If your cat's food is taken out of the refrigerator, a little bit of warm water mixed in will make it more palatable (or get the small cans to avoid this altogether). I freeze their crunchies in smaller-sized ziplock bags until needed to ensure freshness, instead of leaving them go stale in the big paper bag they come in.

Clean and fresh water should be available at all times, 24 hours a day. @ PurrBalls, the water bowls are refreshed twice a day! It's not a good idea to put their water bowls close to their food as the water absorbs the food odours - cats don't associate drinking with eating anyways. Remember that most cats can not tolerate the lactose in milk which gives them diarrhea.

Many pets are sensitive to plastic food and water bowls. Stainless steel bowls are the best! They do not absorb odours and bacteria and are easy to clean.

Cats appreciate grass grown indoors for them - find out more!

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