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Cat Breeds - Turkish Van Cat

The Turkish Van

The Turkish Van is a relatively rare and ancient breed of cat that originated in central and southwest Asia, in the region of Turkey. Turkish Vans first made appearances in England in 1955, and although they were first brought to America in 1982, they are considered regional treasures in their homeland, and are currently not being exported readily. Even in their country of origin, they are considered to be a rare breed.

They are a very intelligent breed, and are very people oriented. They want to be around people wherever they are. They love to play and jump and are very inquisitive, exploring anything within their grasp. Their energy is surpassed by few, and have been noted as having dog qualities, due to their unusual personalities. It’s not surprising to see them perched on refrigerator tops, where they can jump from the floor, due to their muscle structure and very large paws.

Full grown male Turkish Vans generally weigh around 20 pounds, and females weigh about 10 pounds at full growth. They are a very muscular and have a very thick coat and a long, thick tail. Their fascination with water has named them the nickname “Swimming Cats”. While most cats are afraid of water, the Turkish Van is fascinated by it, and will likely play fishing in your toilet if given the opportunity.

They are quick to bond, and make friends for life. Their easy going and mild tempered personalities make them an excellent choice for homes with children and other pets. They are an excellent choice for a house pet, due to their temperament and their love of affection. However, they are a very rare breed, and few are found in the United States currently.

Their coat requires little grooming, a routine brushing will suffice, and the long coat does not tend to mat. So, if what you want is a beautiful, loving, and playful pet, then the Turkish Van would be a great choice. Provided that it’s taken good care of and updated on veterinary visits regularly, the Turkish Van can be expected to live a long and healthy life.

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