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Cat Breeds - Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a beautiful, medium to long coated, silky pure vision of elegance and grace. While most have a white coat, some have been noted to have black, blue or even red coloring. Whites with blue eyes seem to be the most popular look in the breed. Their coat, with no undercoat, requires minimal grooming to remove shedding and very rarely mats, so a routine weekly brushing, and of course, daily petting should keep your Turkish Angora looking beautiful.

Although blue eyes are very common, green or amber, or one blue and one amber eye is often seen in the Turkish breed. The eyes are almond shaped and hold much expression. Turkish owners find it very difficult not to get lost in the beauty and innocence of their eyes. Although their eyes are lovely to behold, the W gene that is found in the whites with blue eyes has been noted to be related to their ability to hear. The presence of a blue eye has been indicative of deafness on the side that the blue is eye located. No other major health problems have been related to the Turkish Angora to date, so with routine check-ups, you can expect a long and healthy life from this breed.

They are also an intelligent and very curious breed. These characteristics are evident from birth, and follow them throughout the course of their lives. They also have a quick and long lasting bond with their owners. They tend to try to “steal” your attention from other things, and while they don’t appear to want to be held for long periods of time, they are very content just to be in your presence. Expect to give your Turkish Angora the attention that they crave, and this attention does not go unjustified. They are a very loving and affectionate breed. They have actually been noted as one of the most social and loving of all domestic cats. They make a wonderful choice for homes with other pets and/or children, and older people who just want companionship. They will be sure to please you in every way possible.

Their beauty is only surpassed by their loving and trusting nature, and should you be lucky enough to welcome this breed into your home, you will soon find yourself spoiling it beyond your dreams. While the Turkish Angora is not a high maintenance breed, it is a very social and accepting cat, and will make a wonderful addition to any home, as long as you have enough love to share- as that’s it’s only major requirement.

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