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Cat Breeds - Tonkinese

Tonkinese Cats

The Tonkinese is a medium sized cat breed with points like those of the Siamese and Himalayans. Some cat fanciers’ have been noted as claiming that the Tonkinese breed is closer to the original Siamese appearance, before breeders of the Siamese strategically developed the triangular head and long, slender body of the Siamese that we see today. Tonkinese are normally heavier than they seem. You may not think that a Tonkinese is heavy, until you lift it up. They have a very muscular body, which seems slim, and hides the weight that they actually carry. Their paws are a distinctive oval shape, and their heads are somewhat wedged, with their large ears set toward the head’s outside.

This is a very intelligent and curious breed. They love to go off exploring at the slightest sound or movement. They are also a very loveable and affectionate breed, and are one of the most people oriented breed of domestic cat. They are highly playful, while not being hyperactive. They can get themselves into trouble if they are left alone too long, for they tend to be restless when bored. The old term “curiosity killed the cat” is a good reference to a Tonkinese. Their curiosity sometimes gets the better of them. However, they are very mild tempered, which completely outweighs their taste for trouble. They make an excellent choice for homes with other pets or with children. They love nothing more than to lay in your lap or on your shoulder while you read, or watch television. Hide and seek seems to be a favorite game of the Tonkinese, and they will happily play this with you for hours if you will oblige them. They have also been known to play tag with each other, so if you have more than one Tonkinese, chances are your home life will never be dull.

Their coat requires no special care to keep it groomed, and their diet is that of any normal domestic cat. Just a routine check-up when needed, and vaccinations should suffice to help them live a long and healthy life. Clipping their nails weekly is also recommended and allowing them a scratching post. Keep in mind, that a Tonkinese is an indoor cat, and should never be left outdoors for long periods of time. If doors are left ajar, their curiosity will ensure that they get through it, so be careful to thoroughly check doors and windows for ways that they can sneak out.

A beautiful, strong, and very loving addition to your home, in a rainbow of colors, is what you’ll get when you choose your Tonkinese. Their affectionate ways, and high flying antics will soon capture your heart, and you may be wondering how you ever lived without them.

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