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Cat Breeds - Sphynx

Sphynx Cats

Sphynx has been mentioned throughout history in many aspects. The first Sphynx cat to be recognized cam from Toronto, Canada in 1966, when a breeder discovered a completely hairless kitten in a litter. The hairless quality was discovered to be a natural mutation. The Sphynx is the perfect choice for someone who has an allergy to cat dander, although not all members of the breed are completely hairless. Some do feature a peach fuzz type of hair growth.
The Sphynx has been bred throughout Europe and North America to produce a cat with few health problems. All colors and color patterns emerge from the breed, and the color is seen thru its skin pigmentation, or the little hair that it may have.

They are a beautiful and very exotic animal. The Sphynx has been known to be quite expensive, depending on the breeder and the litter itself. The body of the Sphyns is medium sized, and they have a strong and graceful presence. Their muscle tone is good, and they have a sturdy bone structure. The males are generally larger than the females at full growth. Their faces are wide eyed and exert intelligence and a loving, friendly gaze. After eating, the Sphynx may look as if it has a pot belly.

Due to the lack of hair, it is very necessary to protect the breed from cold temperatures. If you feel too cold outside, then chances are so will your Sphynx. Keep them indoors, or protect them with a sweater or blanket when you find the need to venture outdoors during cold weather. They are a very intelligent cat and will look for opportunities to curl up beside other cats, even dogs when cold. You may even find them tunneling their way under your covers at night.

The Sphynx is a very loving breed and will be loyal to a loving owner. They are normally the center of attention, and will perform “clown” antics to get your full attention. They are sometimes known as a clumsy breed, and you will even think they are being clumsy on purpose, due to the whimsical nature of their personality.

Their care is somewhat more time consuming than that of other breeds. Because of the lack of hair that would, on a normal cat absorb body oils, they will need to be bathed and their ears need to be cleaned often. They are raised from kitten hood to be used to bathing, so giving a Sphynx a bath is much easier than you would imagine.

The Sphynx will make a loving and humorous addition to any family. They have a warm and friendly personality, and generally get along with other animals, although they prefer the human touch. Protecting them from rigid climates, bathing regularly, and showing them attention and lots of love will ensure a long and happy life for your Sphynx.

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