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Cat Breeds - Somali Cat

The Somali Cat

The Somali has rightfully been nicknamed “Fox Cat”, because of its large ears, masked face, and its bushy tail. It is a beautiful breed of cat, and very intelligent. The Somali is very active, yet not loud. Their voices are soft, and they are seldom vocal. Most of their noise comes from the purr, which is often. They are generally a very happy and social breed, and make wonderful pets for households with children and/or other pets.

The Somali is very playful, and they crave human attention. Even as adults, they love to run, play, and jump. Their intelligence is very evident in the way that they learn to turn on faucets, and they love playing with water. They will, when playing, run sideways, maybe holding something in their paws that they are playing with. They are, overall, a very fun and recreational cat.

The Somali is actually an Abyssinian Cat, only with longer hair. The breed was introduced in the 1950’s from a breed of Abyssinian kittens, who were born with the fox-like tail that is characteristic of the Somali.

They are a medium sized cat at full growth, which is normally around 18 months. They have a muscular build, and their body is long. The coat is medium length and soft, and requires little care. A weekly brushing should suffice to keep the coat tangle free and attractive. Their fur is shorter across the shoulders, and their tail is long and full. They have large, inquisitive eyes, and come in a variety of colors and color patterns. They also have the distinction of shedding very little, which is surprising considering the length of the fur.

The only known medical problem to date is the possibility of dental problems, which first occurred in the Somali around 1990, though breeders feel that the problem is now under control, and the Cat Fanciers’ Association makes no known mention of the problem.

The Somali is, overall, a very good choice for a house cat. They are loving and playful, and have a wonderful disposition. As long as you have time to devote to it, to give it proper attention daily, then the Somali will make a beautiful and interesting addition to any family.

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