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Cat Breeds - Singapura

Singapura cat

The Singapura Cat breed is one of a healthy and alert animal that gets it’s name from the region of its origin. Singapura is Malaysian for Singapore. The Singapura is a small to medium sized cat with very stocky and muscular features. Yet, in light of its appearance, it still gives off an air of elegance and grace. The Singapura has long, slender legs that taper to small oval shaped feet. The tail is also slender and has a blunt tip.

Colors and color patterns are normally a golden ivory with traces of sepia. The coat is short and lighter next to the skin and darker at the tip.

The Singapura’s personality is curious and playful. They are very intelligent and love human interaction. They are not the type to lay for hours curled up in your lap. Even at a very old age, the Singapura will be active and playful.

The body size of the breed is smaller than average, and their eyes are fairly large compared to their size. They will actually not reach their full size until age 15 to 24 months, at which time the females of the breed generally reach only five to six pounds, and the males only six to eight pounds. Keep in mind, this is not a dwarf breed, but a naturally small cat. What they lack in size, however, they more than make up for in spirit and personality. They will instantly bond with you and will be at your side from that first moment on. Once you meet a Singapura, you are very unlikely to forget them.

There are currently no known health problems directly related to the Singapura. They are, in general, a healthy breed. The average life span appears to be between 12 and 15 years, with some reported to have lived up to 18 years.

So, the general health and life span make the Singapura a very good choice for a pet. Their personality, although playful and hard to keep up with at times, is perfect for homes with other pets. If you’re looking for a beauty to bring home, that will keep you on your toes, and worship you to no end, then the Singapura is a perfect choice. They are loyal and affectionate, and taken proper care of, will live very long and healthy lives.

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