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Cat Breeds - Siberian

Siberian Cats

When you tell someone that you own a Siberian, they may instantly think you’re talking about a Husky, when in fact, you’ll know that you Siberian is one of the most beautiful and earliest documented of all domestic cats currently recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. Siberians have been recorded to be at least one thousand years old. Of course, that’s the breed, not an individual cat, but they are one of the longest recorded known of cat breeds in history.
The coat of a Siberian is medium to long and normally has a tabby pattern and coloring. Although no special grooming is required to keep the coat looking its best. Just a routine brushing should do the job, as the coat is not prone to matting or tangling. The coat is also said to be 90 percent hypoallergenic, although this has not been a proven fact. Still, it makes a wonderful breed choice for someone with known allergen problems.

The Siberian’s body build is strong and powerful. Features of the breed are strong hindquarters and seemingly large stomachs. They are excellent jumpers, and can jump amazing heights, due to the strength in their back quarters. They maintain a weight of around 15 to 20 pounds for a full grown male, and slightly smaller females weight normally around 10 to 15 pounds at full adulthood. Their full growth is slow, and they normally reach full growth at around 5 years of age.
They have a wonderfully playful and loving personality, and make wonderful pets for homes with dogs and children. They are very loyal to their owners, and are welcomed and loved, even by normally professed “dog people”. Siberians are an intelligent breed, and love to greet you at the door and follow you through the house, just waiting for you to tell them how your day is going. Be warned, however, that they do love to jump to very high places, and can sometimes wreak havoc among precious breakables. Be sure to keep everything irreplaceable put out of their reach.

Given their beautiful appearance, and their unbeatable personality traits, a Siberian is a sure joy to any home that welcomes it. You will soon lose your heart to this magnificent creature, and you may even decide that one is just not enough. Many Siberian owners have been unable to stop themselves from finding a mate for their loveable pet. Given the proper medical attention when needed, and routine check-ups, you can expect your Siberian to bring you joy for many years to come.

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