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Cat Breeds - Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is an exceptional breed of cat. The trademark curly hair of the breed is a natural mutation that first became known in the United States in 1987. A litter of kittens were born that had a curly coat. The cat’s owner named the breed after her stepfather, giving the Selkirk Rex the distinction of being the only breed named after an individual.

Unlike the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex, the Selkirk Rex has a more rounded and stocky body and coat lengths come in long and short. They have a round head, and a wonderfully round, sturdy body. The coat is naturally curly, like the Cornish and the Devon, however, the body characteristics are very different. The curly hair gene in the Selkirk is dominant, unlike other similar breeds.

The Selkirk’s personality is one of a gentle and loving breed. It is very tolerant and patient, and loves more than anything to be handled and cuddled. They are very docile in nature and make wonderful house pets for those with children or other pets.

They do tend to shed, so may not be perfectly suitable for someone with allergies to cat dander. And frequent brushing is not recommended, as it may straighten the natural curl. They can be found in a wide variety of colors and color patterns. The coat is soft and curly, and instead of a patterned curl, the Selkirk’s coat has random curling. The whiskers are brittle and break easily when the cat reaches maturity. The coat and the whiskers both remain unchanged as the cat ages. If a Selkirk kitten is born with a curly coat and curly whiskers, then they will retain these curls throughout their life.

Because of their patient and loving personality, the Selkirk Rex makes a wonderful house pet. Just be sure to keep a careful eye on it when outside, to ensure that it doesn’t get twigs and such tangled in the curls. They are exceptionally loyal and love just to lay around on your lap, or cuddle up with you in bed at night. If you’re looking for a loving and uniquely beautiful breed of cat, then the Selkirk Rex fits the bill perfectly.

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