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Cat Breeds - Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold was first introduced as a championship breed in 1978 by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. The origination of the breed came about in 1961, when a shepherd noticed that his kitten has folded ears, that ran downward on her head. She had the look of an owl or a teddy bear. That look is the distinguishing feature of the Scottish Fold, and has caused cat lovers everywhere to fall in love with this exquisite and beautiful breed.

There are two types of Scottish Fold, folded and straight ear. Although kittens in the breed are born with normal or straight ears, their ears will fold around four weeks, if not, then they are considered a straight eared Scottish Fold. Normally by at least eleven weeks the eligibility for the folded ear category is established.

The Scottish Fold is a medium sized cat with a seemingly large, rounded body, and a short coat. The eyes are big and round, and express all the tenderness that they have to offer. Their nose is short with a gentle curve.

Overall, even with the seemingly “missing” ears, the Scottish Fold is one of the most unique and beautiful cat breeds today. However, due to the fact that not every Scottish Fold kitten will have folded ears, it has become very difficult to keep these lovely creatures in supply.

True to their look, the Scottish Fold is a mild mannered and loveable breed. They are not overly vocal, and when they do speak, it is with a tiny whisper of a voice. They are a quiet and content breed, and are very people oriented. They love human companionship and make wonderful household additions to homes with other pets and/or children. They easily adapt to their new surroundings and are not scared off by loud noises or constant turmoil. They make wonderful traveling companions, as they are secure and don’t normally panic at a slight change in surroundings.

Health problems related to the breed have yet to be noted. Normally besides the general grooming, brushing occasionally, and love and affection, a routine trip to the veterinarian, accompanied by the required vaccinations, should be all it takes to keep your Scottish Fold beautiful and healthy for a long life.

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