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Cat Breeds - Russian Blue

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a beautiful and mysterious breed of cat. There is little actually known about the breeds origin, but legends and stories are plentiful about this emerald eyed creature. Some legends state that it was originally called the Archangel Cat, and was brought from the Archangel Isles to England in the 1860’s, fastly becoming the favored pet of Queen Victoria.

The bold, beautiful green eyes are definitely a defining trait in the Russian Blue. The fact that blue is the only color that it is seen in also adds to its uniqueness. The coat is short and dense, and each blue hair seems to have been dipped in silver. It is a beautiful sight to behold a Russian Blue. The breed has a finely boned, long and muscular body, with a head that has been compared to that of a cobra. The head is broad and wedge shaped with flattened profiles. The ears are large and pointed and set towards the side of the head. The overall appearance of the Russian Blue is one of elegance and grace.

This is a very gentle breed. They are generally quiet and loving. They are shy by nature, but become very strongly bonded with their owners. Once you bring them out of their shell, you will have made a friend for life. The Russian Blue is an intelligent and playful cat. They can be taught to play games, and love to fetch and inspect things on the floor. They will, however, pick up on your mood, and if needed, will keep a low profile. Adversely, they will “act up” by playing jester if needed to brighten your day. Their main goal is to make you happy. They are a very good choice for homes with children and other pets, due to their loving and mild tempered personality. Although very people oriented, they are fine to be left alone, and will find ways to amuse themselves when needed.

Their coats do not require any special care to stay beautiful. A routine brushing will suffice to keep them looking their best. It is advised to frequently trim their claws, although removing them altogether may not be a good idea. Overall, the care is easy, normally petting them will help considerably with the grooming. And you will want to pet them frequently, as they are a charming and loving addition to your family.

People have often noted that the Russian Blue seems to be smiling, and that fact fits in perfectly with their personality. Given the absence of any known health problems related to the breed, the Russian Blue, with its loving and graceful style, is a wonderful choice for any home.

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