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Cat Breeds - Ragdoll


The Ragdoll is a fairly large breed of cat. Full grown males normally weight 15 to 20 pounds at adulthood, while females will weigh slightly less at 10 to 15 pounds. They are a slow developing breed, and can take up to four years to reach their full size and weight. 

The Ragdoll’s coat is long and silky, and requires a minimal brushing to keep it looking its best. Normally a regular brushing with a steel comb, to remove shedding and tangles is all that’s required to maintain the beautiful plush and silk fur. The coat is normally fully grown at two years. The Ragdoll comes in four distinct color schemes, consisting of bi-color, van, mitted, and color point. Patterns come in seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream, and points may be solid, lynx, tortie, or a combination of lynx and tortie -torbie. There are several different color combinations possible in the Ragdoll, and each one is as unique and beautiful as the next.

Their temperament is one of the things that makes this breed so unique. They are exceedingly loving and docile. It is a good idea not to leave them outdoors by themselves, as their trusting and easy going nature makes them practically defenseless against other animals. They do well living with other animals, however, and homes with other cats or even dogs are a good choice for this breed.

The name Ragdoll came about because of the breeds tendency to go completely limp when picked up. They are a very people oriented and laid back breed. They require a little more attention than less people oriented breeds. They have been known to greet their owners at the door, and follow them through the house to get their attention. They love to curl up with you in your lap while you read, or in your bed. Ragdolls are very affectionate and like nothing more than to sleep with their master, wherever that is. They will strive to gain and keep your attention.

Because of their beauty, you will want to have a Ragdoll in your home, but because of their loving and trusting nature, it will soon move into your heart. Ragdolls, because of their easy going nature and easy grooming, are an excellent choice for practically any home. Given the routine check-ups by your veterinarian, you can expect to live a long and healthy life with your Ragdoll.

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