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Cat Breeds - Ragamuffin


RagaMuffin sounds sort of like a character from Fraggle Rock, doesn’t it? It’s actually one of the most beautiful breeds of cat. The RagaMuffin is a large, beautiful animal with big walnut shaped eyes that will practically compel you to love it. Their expression can only be defined as sweet and adoring. The females of the breed generally weight between ten and fifteen pounds at full growth, while the males will weight in between fifteen and twenty pounds. They are a very large boned cat and tend to look “fat” when full grown. They have a chubby face with the ears tipping forward just a bit. They also tend to be strong and healthy, with no genetic health problems noted for the breed overall.

The color in the RagaMuffin is outstanding, and they can be found in many colors and color patterns. The hair tends to grow medium to long, but the coat is very easily cared for with just a routine brushing, and does not tend to mat easily.

The RagaMuffin was registered into the Cat Faniers’ Association as a miscellaneous breed in 2003, although it’s true originality is not known.

This is one of the most loving, sweetest breeds that you can find. A RagaMuffin will be forever happy just to curl up in your lap. They are, however, not known as a lazy breed. They tend to be very playful, and get along wonderfully with children and other pets. They crave affection, and may even follow you around the house just waiting for you to stop and pay attention to them. They possess a very calm and patient personality.

They adapt very easily to their surroundings and will bond with you quickly and permanently. Their only requirement is love and affection, and it is probably a very good idea to keep them inside for their protection, as their docile and loving nature could possibly pose a threat from other animals. They are a wonderful breed for a family pet, if you want a cat that is full of love, and asks nothing but love in return, then the RagaMuffin is a wonderful choice.

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