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Cat Breeds - Persian

Persian Cats

The beautiful, full coated, long haired cat that you’ve seen on the elegant cat food commercials is probably the Persian. This breed is a beauty, with their long, beautiful, flowing coats, their full, short bodies, and their large eyes that are full of expression. They possess a sweet and gentle personality, and are very easily spoiled. They’re not prone to jumping, but can be very playful. They are considered the “ham” of the cat world. They love to pose, and simply crave attention.
The history of the Persian dates back to around 1684 B.C. Although their true origin may never be known, they were named for Persia, which is where they were originally believed to have begun.

Although not hard to care for, it is recommended that you keep your Persian indoors, due to the long flowing coat. They should be combed daily, and a metal comb works best to help eliminate tangles and hairballs. It is also suggested that you get them used to bathing at a young age, as baths are necessary for the upkeep of their beautiful coat.

They are very affectionate, and get along well with children and other pets. They are also a quiet breed, their meowing is full of expression, but not loud. Their faces are somewhat “flat”, and breeds with a more extreme head type, or flatness of the muzzle, are prone to health problems, including sinus and breathing difficulties, much like that of a Pug dog. This is another good reason for you to keep your Persian indoors, especially during extreme weather. It is also recommended to wash their faces daily, as their rather large eyes are prone to extra tearing.
Of course, you would expect something of such beauty to have a drawback, but the Persian’s beauty far overshadows the illnesses it may be prone to, and with proper vaccinations, and routine checkups by the veterinarian, you can expect a healthy and happy pet. Their life expectancy, for a healthy cat, is up to 15 years. They are a very loving breed, and once they get accustomed to you and their surroundings, they are a very loyal breed, as well. So with proper care, and lots of love and affection, you can expect your beautiful and healthy Persian to be a loving part of your family for many years.

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