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Cat Breeds - Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the oldest breeds of cats that are recognized by the CFA. It’s believed that the cats features occurred as a natural adaptation to the cold climate of their region. Rumor also has it that the Norwegian Forest Cat is the early ancestor of the Maine Coon and the long haired Manx breeds.

This is a very large breed of cat. Males at full growth weight generally between 13 and 22 pounds, with females weighing less. The back legs are longer than the front legs, and the key feature of the breed is their thick double layered coat, tufted ears, and very long bushy tail. These unique characteristics are thought to protect them from the cold.

Norwegian Forest Cats are very sweet tempered cats, and their expression shows it. They are loveable and very attentive. In spite of their name, they are one of the most people oriented cat breeds. They love to be held and cuddled, and will show fierce loyalty. They’re very good with children and other animals. Although their personalities may differ from cat to cat, most are trusting and adjust well to households with other pets.

The really unique characteristic of the Norwegian Forest Cat is their summer shedding. It’s not like other cats who simply shed hair every year. This breed actually loses their coat, in a sense, in the summer, and regrows it for winter. The shedding occurs during the spring, when the downy undercoat, which keeps them warm in winter, and the long outer guard hairs are both “lost”. There is a very distinguishing contrast between their warm weather and cold weather coats. It’s almost like you have two different cats.

The coats appear in many different colors for the breed. There isn’t actually one color combination that defines a Norwegian Forest Cat. There is, however, a slight difference in coat length between dark and light colored cats. Lighter colored cats will have a thicker coat, as opposed to darker colored cats, because the darker coat will absorb more heat from the sun, requiring less fur to keep them warm. Even with the complexity of the coat, they still require little grooming. In fact, only during the shedding season do they actually need to be brushed regularly, just to ensure that the winter coat is completely removed.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a unique and beautiful breed, and one that is loving and loyal. They will make a welcome addition to any family that will love them, as long as you don’t mind the complete transaction between the seasons. You could really impress friends with your “master of disguise”. And since they are mild tempered, they’re an excellent choice if you already have house pets or small children.

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