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Cat Breeds - Maine Coon

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon cat is a unique and beautiful animal. One of the focal features of this cat is their larger ears, often with fur tips, which cause them to resemble a Lynx. It earned its name from specific breeding practices in Maine, where they were long ago bred to be mousers. Another unique feature of the Maine Coon is that often they are born with one or more extra toes on their paws, although this particular trait is normally bred out. Their coat, although long and luxurious, is easily kept. It is recommended to give them a weekly brushing, just to keep the coat from matting or tangling.

The Maine Coon is susceptible to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, which is a heart disease, in which the left ventricle muscle becomes thicker and stiffer than normal. It is a fatal disease in cats, causing heart failure. There are ultrasounds available to help detect this genetic trait, which normally becomes evident between one and seven years of age.

Generally, the Maine Coon is a strong and healthy breed. They are highly popular, due to their friendly personality, and their love of affection. They are an intelligent breed, and get along very well with other animals, including dogs, and children.

Males can weight between 13 to 20 pounds when fully grown, and females weight slightly less at 7 to 11 pounds. They are a fairly large cat, and come in a wide variety of colors and color patterns. Their fur is long, especially on their chests, which fairly resembles a lion’s mane, between their toes, and the backs of their legs, and is very soft. They actually have two layers of fur,an undercoat, and longer guard hairs on top. Their key feature is the long, plumed tail. They have respectfully earned the nickname a “tail with a cat attached to it”.

Their disposition is sweet, and loving, and the Maine Coon is very adaptable to its surroundings. It makes a wonderful breed for a family pet, especially for homes with other pets and/or children. It is a very affectionate and low maintenance cat, despite the possibly heart condition. Kept updated on vaccinations, and with regular check-ups from the veterinarian, the Maine Coon will be a very beautiful and loveable addition to your family.

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