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Cat Breeds - Korat

The Korat Cat

The Korat has the distinction of being one of very few breeds of cat, recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, that have only one color. Korats are a beautiful silver-blue from the day that they are born, until their last day. The color is non-changing, and no other colors are found. The coat is short, and doesn’t fly off when you pet them, so they are an excellent choice for someone with allergies. Their eyes, also a distinguishing feature, start out as blue, but soon give way to a beautiful and exotic green, normally around two to four years. And their eyes hold all the expression in the world.

They have been jokingly called the “bionic cat”, due to their keen senses of hearing, sight, and scent. Their disposition is gentle and loving, and they like things to remain calm. Loud or sudden noises are not tolerated well by the Korat. They are very good around other animals, and especially children, provided the noise is not too harsh. They will allow you to pet and play with other animals, but be warned, they will let the other animal know that you are theirs. They take control of your home, as well as your heart. Their play is active, they love to chase, fetch, etc., but they can be a very gentle breed, making them a good choice for homes with smaller children.
Their body build is small to medium and they have a very low percentage of body fat. They are heavy for their size, sometimes surprisingly so. The Korat is one of those breeds that you’re not sure just how much it weighs until you pick it up. And once you pick one up, you will be a fan for life. Their loving and gentle ways, and their strong bonding with you, will soon have you wondering how you ever lived without this sweet and beautiful creature.

No known serious health problems have been related to the Korat, so given the proper care, you should expect this beautiful breed to live a long and healthy life. Keeping the loud noises around him is the main concern. If you plan to make him a show cat, it is recommended that you introduce noise to him at a very early age. Keeping a radio near, when just a kitten, can train him to not overreact to sudden, loud noises.

With their wonderful temperament, and their long lasting, strong bond to their owners, the Korat is an excellent choice for a companion. Bringing one into your home will bring you years of joy and love from this beautiful breed.

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