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Cat Breeds - Javanese


Take a beautiful cat, add a wonderful personality, one who loves to be around people, and one who will talk to you non-stop for no reason, and you’ve probably gotten yourself a Javanese. The Javanese is a cousin to the beautiful Balinese. The main distinguishing difference, is the color and color patterns that abound in the Javanese. The same graceful presence, high intelligence, and that beautiful coat of silk that is present on the Balinese, is also present on the Javanese.
The Javanese has been noted as a breed “for folks who want a little spice” added to their lives. They love playing fetch, as well as other “dog-like” games. But be warned, when left alone for too long at a period, the Javanese tends to become depressed. They require almost constant attention and companionship. If you tend to travel often, you would have to plan on taking your Javanese with you, or finding a sitter for him while you’re gone. They are a very social breed, and love nothing more than having people around them, almost always.

They are also a very “talkative” breed. They will amuse you for hours by speaking in their gentle tones, scolding you for being late, or just carrying on their little conversations. The Javanese adapts to its routine quickly, and will soon be very familiar with yours. Their paws are put to good use, opening cabinets and drawers to investigate what might be inside.

Their long, silky coat can be seen in a wide variety of colors and color points. The points may vary from red and cream points on a seal coat, to blue on chocolate or lilac. They have often been seen with vivid and bold colors, almost a clown type coloring. Although long, the coat is very easy to care for, and requires no special grooming, really, except a routine brushing and an occasional bath.

All in all, the Javanese, besides being a very beautiful breed, is a treat to be around. They are exceptionally mild tempered, and get along very well with children, and even other pets if introduced early. They are one of the most intelligent breeds that are recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, and will lovingly and permanently find their way into your heart when given the chance.

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