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Cat Breeds - Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail

There is an ancient legend in Japan that says hundreds of years ago, a cat was warming itself by a fire. It got too close, and caught its tail on fire. Then it ran through the town, tail blazing, and caught many building on fire, causing them to burn to the ground. The Emperor, as a punishment for the cats clumsiness, set a decree that all cats should have their tails cut off. This is the legend of the Japanese Bobtail.

In reality, the Japanese Bobtail has a natural stubbed tail. Tails are distinct, not only to the breed, but to each cat individually. No two cats will have an identical tail. The tails are normally shorter than three inches, and can be a combination of kinks, curls, and angles. The Japanese Bobtail’s coat is found in both long and short, and in a variety of colors and color patterns. Calico and Van seem to be the most common among purebred litters. The coat, even in longer versions, is very easy to care for, as it isn’t prone to matting and tangling. A routine brushing is all that is needed to keep it beautiful and remove mild shedding. Baths can also be given, though not as regularly, but the Japanese Bobtail adapts to a bath if you start them at an early age. Introduced to the bath process early enough, you could even teach him to love his bath time.
The disposition of the Japanese Bobtail is one of pure joy for life, and love. They are a very people focussed breed, and like nothing more than having human companionship. They will happily follow you from room to room, just to see what you might be doing, and when spoken to, will speak back. They love to play fetch, and to just carry things around in their mouths. Also be warned, that they are shoulder layers. They love to perch on your shoulder and ride or just lay there and while you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing. They are very adaptive, and make wonderful travel pets. Their sweet tempered disposition makes them a wonderful choice for homes with other pets and especially children.

No known serious health problems have been noted with the Japanese Bobtail. Overall, they are a joy to have around, and given the proper vaccinations, and regular checkups by your veterinarian, you can expect your beauty to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful cat, that has a wonderful, loving, and kind temperament, and maybe one that is tied to an intriguing legend, the Japanese Bobtail may be just what you’re after. Given their personality and unique appearance, this breed would make a wonderful addition to your family.

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