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Cat Breed Information

Welcome to our Cat Breeds section, where you can find detailed information on the 41 different cat breeds recognized as pedigreed by the Cat Fancier's Association. Owning a cat is such a rewarding experience, you don't have to have a pedigreed cat to enjoy and embrace the love a cat can offer. Some cat owners choose a pedigreed breed simply because they love the qualities that breed possesses. For example, Siamese Cats (which I'm sure you are familiar with) look very exotic, have lush, thick short fur and are very inquisitive and playful. A Ragdoll Cat, by comparison, is docile, very affectionate, with long soft fur and when you pick them up, they almost seem just like a ragdoll in your arms. I invite you to enjoy our descriptions of each and make note of their unique qualities in your potential new pet. But always remember, there are many cats at your local shelter just waiting for someone to love them, and return that love back ten-fold.