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Cat Breeds - Havana Brown

Havana Brown

The Havana Brown is a very unique and beautiful cat breed. The coat is a beautiful and shining mahogany color. It is smooth and feels sort of like a mink coat. The desired color for a Havana Brown is chocolate. Another characteristic is that the head is slightly longer than wide. The beautiful eyes are an oval shape, and their ears seem pointed slightly forward, giving them a sweet, but alert expression. All of these characteristics combined makes the Havana Brown an exotic and beautiful cat.

The Havana Brown is a hybrid breed, meaning that it has been man-made. The “chocolate” cat is the result of planned breeding to form a specific genetic design. Siamese and sometimes Russian Blues were used to created the Havana Brown breed. They were given their name due to the color that they acquired by nature.

Although it looks like a smaller breed, if you pick up a Havana Brown, you will see that they are actually much heavier than they look. They have a medium sized body, but it’s firm and muscular. Males tend to be larger than females, and weight around eight to ten pounds at full growth.
Havana Browns are playful and will frequently hold out their paw to get your attention, as well as to investigate something that they find intriguing. They are one of the more people oriented breeds, and love human companionship and lots of attention. Their voice is soft, and they are not terribly vocal. They get along well with people and love to have other pets around. They are also very quick to adapt to their surroundings, and remain loyal throughout their lives.

This is a very intelligent breed that would make a wonderful house pet. With their loving personality, and their quick attachment to people, a Havana Brown is a good choice for anyone looking for a feline companion. Children and other pets will be welcomed by the breed, and their beauty is second to none. There are no known health problems related to the Havana Brown, and no extensive grooming is required.

Overall, if you’re looking to add to your family, the personality and beauty of the Havana Brown can’t be beat.

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