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Cat Breeds - Exotic Cat


A short haired Persian. That’s exactly what you’ll think when you gaze upon an Exotic. This is an excellent breed for anyone who lives in an apartment, as they need to be kept indoors. They’re also good for someone with a busy schedule. If you love the Persian look, but just don’t have the time for the maintenance that’s required to keep the coat beautiful and silky, then an Exotic is a perfect choice. Their beautiful coat requires no special grooming, just a routine brushing, to keep it maintained.

They are very people oriented. They love attention, and can even be seen trying to get your attention, if you’re busy with something else. Generally, however, they are happy just to know that you’re near. They are very loving, and due to the look and feel of their coat, will instantly put you in mind of a stuffed teddy bear. And that’s just how they view themselves, as your teddy bear. Be prepared to pamper and give lots of love to these wondrous creatures.

Their faces, like those of the Persian, are “pugged”. And their eyes hold a world of expression. That expression is seldom echoed in their voices, as they are a quiet and peaceful breed. Their loyalty is fierce, and once you bond with them, they maintain that bond throughout their lives. They are playful, as much as other breeds, but are also content just to curl up and lay in your lap. They can stay amused for hours just watching the water drip from your faucet, or they can play for hours, until ultimately, you give out on them.

Besides the minor breathing problems that have been associated with the Persian, the Exotic breed shows no major health problems. As long as you keep their vaccinations up to date, and maintain regular visits to your veterinarian, you can expect your Exotic to lead a long and healthy life. If you truly love the Persian look, but just don’t have the time or patience to maintain the long coat, then the Exotic can be a wonderful replacement. They are beautiful and loving, and will make a welcome addition to your family.

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