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Cat Breeds - Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

Mau is the Egyptian word for cat, and the Egyptian Mau lives up to the name’s responsibility. The Mau is a strikingly beautiful and very unique breed. The breed has been recognized as being the only naturally occurring spotted domestic cat. It’s believed that it is a domestication of a subspecies of the African Wild Cat. The spots are not merely on the coat of the Mau, they are also on its skin.

The Egyptian Mau has played a very important role in Egyptian religion and mythology. They have been worshipped as deities and are protected by laws. The origination began in 1956, when a Russian princess imported a Mau to North America. The Cat Fanciers’ Association first recognized the breed for Championship status in 1977.

The Egyptian Mau is a very intelligent cat. They bond quickly and permanently to both their human and cat families, and their loyalty is fierce. Although they are somewhat active, they much prefer to be pampered and cuddled, and it’s not uncommon to have them lay in your lap for hours, or curl up in bed with you at night. They love outgoing affection, and will always show it in return. They are also known as “tail waggers”, and one of their most prominent characteristics is that of any cat, to tread with their paws, while purring or mewing, and in such cases, they will always wag their tails.

Their bodies are randomly spotted, and their gooseberry green eyes hold worlds of expression. Their eyes look as though they have mascara lines surrounding them, and their faces normally carry a “worried” look.

As if to compliment the spots, they move with a very graceful stride. Think of the grace and beautiful walk of a cheetah.

Mau’s have been featured in movies, such as the 2004 hit “Catwoman”. They are a relatively rare and beautiful breed. Their loving personality, and just the overall impression you get when you see one, make them a wonderful choice for a pet. Taken proper care of, with up to date vaccinations and yearly checkups, the Egyptian Mau is expected to live a long and joyous life.

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