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Cat Breeds - Devon Rex

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex breed of cat was born in Devonshire, England in 1959, when a stray cat, being cared for by a Miss Cox, had a litter of kittens. A curly haired kitten was noticed, and the father was believed to be a curly haired tomcat. The kitten’s elfin features and curly coat was a delight to its new owner. That kitten was the founding father for the breed recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association today, as the Devon Rex.

Characteristics of the breed include a small, elf like head, with large ears that sit low on the head’s side, large eyes, and a nose that upturns slightly. The coat, however, is the most distinguishing feature. Loose curls cover the Devon Rex’s medium sized body.

They are truly a beautiful and unique breed, and will instantly have you thinking of pixies and magical elves. Their personalities are gentle and loving. They are friendly with people, as well as other animals. But be warned, these magical little creatures are very inquisitive, and highly active. They can often be found exploring even the highest of furnishings, such as a fireplace mantel, or even a china cabinet, that you’d think is far out of their reach.

They love warmth and cuddling. They are very likely to end up curled at the foot of your bed underneath the covers. You’ll also have to be very careful not to leave food laying around, as they are popularly known as “moochers”. They will investigate every opened package or bag laying out, and will happily ingest all the contents if given the chance.

Their care is very simple. Only a routine brushing, and occasional bath is required. Despite their short haired appearance, they do shed, so people with cat allergies may be bothered by their dander. The large ears do occasionally require cleaning, and an updated vaccination history and routine checkups should suffice for a long and healthy life.

The Devon Rex makes an excellent choice for a bustling family. They easily adapt to home life, and will “keep you on your toes”. If you have the time and energy to devote to this magical and lively cat, they will, in turn, devote their love and attention to you. They bond quickly and easily, and will fast become a solid addition to the family.

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