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Cat Breeds - Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

You may think your Cornish Rex has been washed and not dried by the “wrinkling” of their coat. Their coats are actually look like a washboard, and appear to be largely wrinkled. They first originated in 1950 in Cornwall, England, hence the name Cornish Rex. They are beautiful, seemingly sculptured cats. The coat is short, and lies very close to the body, but is soft, comparable to velvet or rabbit fur.

The head and body are very unique. They have a relatively small, egg shaped head, with large ears and a high-bridged nose. The back is arched, and they have a very small waist and long, slim legs. They are a small to medium size, but don’t let the size fool you, these cats are capable of jumping very high, and their legs and hips are perfect for stopping and starting very quickly.
The Cornish Rex is a very people oriented breed. They are affectionate, while being very active.

You can teach them to fetch and catch, and in some cases, they have been taught to pick up an object in their hand like paw, and throw it back to you. Although their appearance may make you think that they are independent, they are very involved in family life. They love to be handled and cuddled, and most importantly, they love the attention that they receive during play time.
Although they do have a very short coat, they are not always suitable for people with known allergies. They do shed, although not as much as many other breed, so a routine brushing is recommended.

The Cornish Rex breed is a very unique and loving breed. If what you want is a cat that will lay on your lap while you read, and be ready to spring into action at the drop of a hat, then you may have found your ideal pet. They are a wonderful conversation piece, as your guests are likely to ask you which planet they came from. Just smile to yourself, and know that you have most likely attained the most genuine, affectionate, and lively breed of cat to add to your family.

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