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Cat Breeds - Colorpoint Shorthairs

Colorpoint Shorthairs

Colorpoint Shorthairs are much like Siamese, in fact, they are cousins to the similar breed. The only difference in the two are the point colors. The breed category for Colorpoint Shorthairs includes those that have different points than the four noted Siamese colors, seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac. Their bodies are long and graceful, as are their legs, with the hind legs being longer than the front legs. Their heads are long and wedge shaped, and their eyes are the beautiful, slanted, almond eyes of the Siamese.

The Colorpoint Shorthair is actually considered to be a hybrid of the Siamese. Due to the continued breeding with Siamese, they are known as half-siblings to the similar breed. The breed includes tabby pointed Siamese, as well as parti-colors, which is a hybrid process of the red gene.

Their personalities are wonderful for homes with children, and in some cases, they will co-exist with other animals. It is recommended that you introduce them to any household dogs at an early age, but generally, they adapt to their surroundings well. Be prepared to play, as they are an active breed. On the other hand, they can be perfectly content, just lying around, and will often make themselves quite at home on your bed.

They are a loving and gentle breed that require little grooming. An occasional bath is recommended, and a brushing of the coat to remove loose hair. Since they have little dander, they are an excellent choice for someone with known allergies.

It is also recommended that you feed the Colorpoint a diet high in protein to maintain their muscular body type. Given the proper care, vaccinations, and yearly checkups by your veterinarian, Colorpoints are expected to live long and healthy lives.

If you love the look and body features of a Siamese, but want a broader range of color points, then the Colorpoint Shorthair is an excellent choice. You’ll soon find yourself mesmerized by this beautiful cat, and lost completely in the loving and innocent look in their eyes. Be warned, however, that the eyes can be deceiving. You may think that they’re “taking it easy”, when in fact, they’re just waiting for the next stimuli. They remain active thru adulthood, so be ready to have many things to keep them busy.

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