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Cat Breeds - Burmese

The Burmese Cat

When cat lovers decide it’s time to bring a cat home, they’re normally thinking of a beautiful creature that will make them laugh when they’re sad and love them unconditionally; an affectionate, playful, energetic, wonderful addition to their family. The Burmese breed fits all the above requirements and much more.

At first glance, you may think the Burmese is a small cat, but upon lifting it, you’ll see that it is actually much heavier than it looks. The coat is very short, and has a satiny texture. It requires little additional grooming, and normally a daily petting should suffice. Of course, you’ll want to pet it more than that, as they love attention, and will practically have you wrapped around their little paw in no time. Their eyes are large and expressive. You might even think that they have the power to hypnotize you into doing whatever they want. One look into those loving and innocent eyes, and you’ll be hooked by your Burmese forever.

They start out, as kittens, to be quite active, and this activity follows them all through adulthood. They are a very intelligent breed, as most cats are, and can even be coaxed into “speaking” to you on command. Their voices are soft and sweet, and you’ll soon find yourself talking to them in hopes that they will speak back. They are excellent with children and other pets, and some even like going on car rides.

Their main requirement is love. As long as you give them the attention that they need, they’ll bond with you forever. They are perfectly content to just lay in your lap while you read, and some may even try to help you by sitting atop your book. The Burmese is a very people oriented breed. Be warned, however, that if you scold them, they have been known to “pout” for a bit, but are soon back to the loving and attentive companion that you have come to adore.

The main requirement for care is to always keep them indoors, unless you plan to be out with them. They are a docile breed, and will have trouble when the need to defend themselves comes along. They should never be left outdoors alone. They have little to no survival instinct, and although their trusting nature is wonderful, it can be harmful if they are confronted by another animal.

Overall, the Burmese is a blessing to be around. They are loving, playful, and content with practically everything. For a family addition that is great with children, and even a household dog, you can’t find a better breed than the Burmese.

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