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Cat Breeds - British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a calm and often quiet breed of cat. It is a sturdy and plump cat, putting many people in mind of a stuffed teddy bear. The British shorthair is a larger sized cat, and prefers to stay on the ground, as opposed to some breeds that love to climb to the top of everything. They have large, round, copper colored eyes, and their build is thick and muscular. Their heads are round with, what you might consider, “chubby cheeks”.

The key feature in this breed is the coat. It has a short plush coat that feels thick and luxurious. The coat, although beautiful, is very easy to care for. It is not prone to matting, and simply requires a routine brushing, especially during the summer months when animals shed the most.
The British shorthair is not an acrobatic or highly active cat. It prefers more to lay around and be spoiled. Their personality is one of quiet control and loyalty. They are highly proud, and become embarrassed if they are noticed indulging in a less than graceful action.

The shorthair was first bred for its strength and hunting ability. But because of its complete loyalty and its calm personality, it is more appropriately thought of today as a house pet.
The breed was originally named the British Blue, because of it’s distinct solid blue color, however, the name was changed to British Shorthair in the 1950’s. There are now many recognized colors and color patterns associated with the shorthair.

Seeing a British Shorthair in America may be a feat in itself, as the breed is fairly rare in the United States. Shorthairs are presently imported from England, as well as new Zealand and Australia.

The breed is overall a generally popular breed, due to its easy going personality and vast intelligence. Animal trainers favor the shorthair, because of the personality, as well as the ease of maintaining the beautiful coat. Whether you’re a trainer, or just a cat lover, the British Shorthair is a fine choice for a pet, provided you want a beautiful, loving, and calm house cat, that’s easy to care for, and is sure to prompt compliments from anyone who sees it.

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