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Cat Breeds - Bombay

The Bombay Cat

If you’ve seen a domestic cat that you were certain must be a miniature panther, then you’ve probably seen a Bombay. The Bombay is an American breed of cat, and was created in Louisville, Kentucky in 1958, when a breeder deliberately bred an American Shorthair with a Burmese to specifically create a domestic cat that resembled a panther. The name for the Bombay, comes from the city, because the cat that was created resembled the black leopard of India.

Bombay’s are black in color and have very muscular bodies. Their heads are round and wide, and they have a short muzzle. Their eyes, one of their most attractive features, are round and wide set and copper colored. Their coat requires no grooming whatsoever, and is short and silky, and tight to their bodies. They are a small to medium sized cat, but look much lighter than they actually are. Their muscular bodies hold much more weight than their coat appears. Only when you lift one up will you understand how heavy they actually are.

Bombay’s are very playful and very intelligent cats. They can be leash trained and trained to play fetch. They are very inquisitive and love to explore and find new ways to amuse themselves and their families. They are also very people oriented; they are outgoing and very affectionate. They are a very good choice of breed for households with children or other pets.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself that you’d love to have a panther, then the Bombay is just what you’re looking for. With their outgoing and very affectionate personality, and their excellent adaptation skills, they make a wonderful and loving pet. They have no known genetic disorders, so taken well care of, and updated on their shots, you can expect your Bombay to live a long and full life.

If you’d love to add a member to your family that is loving and instantly bonds to become a true member of the family, then a Bombay would make an excellent addition. They are happy to just curl up in your lap for hours, and are playful throughout their adult lives. They will instantly become your home’s greeting committee, and love to greet people as they come in the door. They will also be content to follow you from room to room, and express their interest vocally in what you are doing, or what they think you should be doing.

They are beautiful, exotic, affectionate, very well tempered; everything you would expect your cat to be. Given their personality and mild manner, a Bombay is an excellent choice for a family addition.

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