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Cat Breeds - Balinese

The Balinese Cat

At first glance, you might think you’re seeing a Siamese, but there is a chance that the beautiful cat you have in your sights is actually a Balinese. The Balinese looks amazingly like a Siamese, with the one distinct difference being the coat length. While Siamese coats are short, a Balinese will have a long, beautiful coat of silky fur.

They do still have the regal air of a Siamese, as well as the personality. They are an affectionate breed, but not quite as vocal as other breeds. They are mischievous and funny, and will do everything in their power to grab your full attention and keep it. They love affection, petting, just laying on you and soaking up the love.

Grooming is not as difficult as it would seem for a cat with the magnificent coat that the Balinese has. Just a simple routine brushing will keep her looking beautiful, and the coat does not mat as you might expect.

The Balinese became a recognized breed of the Cat Fanciers’ Association in the 1940’s. They are believed to be a sheer act of Mother Nature, a spontaneous mutation of the short haired Siamese, to produce an identically beautiful cat with a much longer coat.

The Balinese is a slim, sleek, even dainty cat. She will have long legs, body, and head, and be very muscular. The Balinese’s tail is very luxurious. It’s long and full. The color pattern is generally just like the Siamese. Seal point, blue point, chocolate, and even lilac point are considered to be pedigreed by the CFA.

The Balinese is a very easy to care for, very loving and affectionate cat. They have a very calm demeanor, and can be very playful. They make an excellent house pet if you have children or other animals. Their main concern is to be loved. They are excellent jumpers, and can often be found perched on higher surfaces. They are also very inquisitive and utterly fearless. Be prepared for the Balinese to act much like a watch dog, by investigating even the smallest noise.
Overall, if you have time and attention to give her, a Balinese will make a wonderful pet. Do note, however, that they crave affection, so be prepared to devote at least an hour each day to uninterrupted play, or just let her lay in your lap while reading, they simply just need your undivided attention for a little while every day. With their good temperament, and their personality, a Balinese will make a wonderful family addition.

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