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Cat Breeds - American Wirehair

The American Wirehair

The American Wirehair began in 1966 in upstate New York. It was a spontaneous mutation of a litter of farm cats. It is an entirely “made in America” breed. The breed has not been reported in any other country to date.

The coat of the American Wirehair varies from cat to cat. About half of the kittens born to the breed will be wirehaired at birth. It was originally believed that the American Wirehair was, since the mutation occurred in an American domestic cat, a version of the American Shorthair. However, since the Wirehair possesses unique characteristics not common with the Shorthair, the breed was accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1967. Championship competition for the breed was first noted in 1978.

American Wirehairs are easy to care for. The coat requires no special grooming. And they have been noted to be resistant to disease. So, the breed generally produces a healthy, long living cat. They are a medium to large sized cat, with males generally being larger than females. Of course, their coats are their defining characteristic. Coats run from medium in length, coarse and dense, to a short, hard, and completely wired hair. Wirehairs are rare, however, ranked currently as the most rare of the 41 total breeds recognized by the CFA. There are currently only 22 registered cats within the American Wirehair breed.

They are loving and calm cats. They are very happy to be curled up with you for long periods of time, while you watch television or read. They can be playful, however, and thoroughly your undivided attention when playing games. And they are very inquisitive. It is not uncommon to find them exploring the home for noises or simply to see what they might find. They are noted as intelligent and well reserved. They co-exist wonderfully with other pets, as well as homes with smaller children.

If you are lucky enough to be an owner of an American Wirehair, you should indeed count your blessings. These affectionate and loving cats are a very rare find. Given their calm and playful personality, they are a wonderful addition to any home. Provided, that is, you can find one.

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