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Cat Breeds - American Curl

The American Curl

The American Curl is a beautiful breed of cat that is distinguished by its ears, which curl back toward the center of the back of its head. It’s not unusual to see someone smile when they view a Curl for the first time. The curling back of the ears gives the breed a perky, alert, and happily surprised expression, which most people find quite amusing.

The ears are actually straight when the Curls are born. They don’t start to curl backwards until they are three to five days old. Around 16 weeks, the ears are in their permanent position, curling to the back of the head.

They are a medium sized cat with a long rectangular body. The coats vary; there is a short haired and a long haired variety of the breed. Grooming is easy, as Curls shed very little, so they require no regular brushing. Colors also vary, and the American Curl is found in many colors and color patterns. They express their emotions through walnut shaped eyes.

American Curls are very people oriented. They are playful, affectionate, and adapt quickly to homes with other pets and children. They will wake you up in the morning by patting your face or by licking your eyelids, until you get up and pay them the attention they crave. They are an exuberant breed, and love life to the fullest. Playful, but still content to curl up in your lap and nap while you watch television or read a book. They are respectful to animals already in the home, as well as any new ones that you may bring in after them. They are playful throughout adulthood, and are not overly vocal. Instead, you may hear them expressing emotions through cooing sounds.

No known health problems have been associated with the American Curl. So, kept up to date on vaccinations, and taken well care of, your Curl can be expected to live a long and healthy life.
Curls are beautiful creatures with loving and loyal personalities. If you’re looking for a cat that will adapt to homelife, with other pets and children, and one that loves to be held, but will still find plenty to keep itself busy, then the American Curl is an excellent choice. They are the epitome of a loving sidekick.

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