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Cat Breeds - American Bobtail

The American Bobtail

The American Bobtail has a very wild, bobcat type look, but when you have a chance to get close to one, you’ll see that they’re actually loving and very gentle cats. The bobtail is a natural phenomenon with the American Bobtail. They are a medium to larger sized cat that is very muscled and athletic. The breed is actually slow to mature, and can take up to three years to reach full adulthood.

They exhibit fierce loyalty to their owners, and even get along with dogs. They’re not ones to run and hide when company shows up, they’d rather be right in the thick of things, getting to know new people and animals. They’re an excellent breed choice for homes with children, as most children like to pick up and carry cats around, and the American Bobtail is very accepting of being carried. They have an excellent personality for someone with emotional disorders. They have been used by therapists in treatments for people with distress, due to their mild temperament and their good behavior. They have shown extreme sensitivity to people with distress.

They are a very active and playful breed, and love to play fetch or hide and seek. They will sometimes even insist that you play with them, or they’ll bother you for hours until you do. They are quiet by nature, but will often be very vocal when they’re excited. They are a very intelligent breed, and can even be leashed trained. It is a good idea to keep shiny object out of their reach. They have been known to open jewelry boxes, just to play with the shiny objects inside.

No known serious health problems have been related to the breed so far. Given the proper yearly veterinarian attention, they are generally a healthy and long living breed.

The American Bobtail is a fairly new breed in the Cat Fanciers’s Association, only reaching Championship status in May of 2006. They are a truly “Born in the USA” Breed. With their winning personality, their love of affection, and their playful attitude, not to mention the beautiful, wild, “bobcat” look, the American Bobtail is an excellent choice for a new addition to your family.

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