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Cat Breeds - Abyssinian

The Abyssian Cat

The Abyssinian is actually a long haired version of the Somali. They are one of the oldest known about cat breeds. There has always been controversy, however, on where they truly originated. Their resemblance to the sculptures and paintings in ancient Egypt has led people to believe that maybe they originated there. However, the Aby of today fairly resembles the African wildcat ancestor with their jungle look. And Abyssinians were not named because Ethiopia, formerly called Abyssinia, was thought to be their origination, but because they were first introduced into shows in England, and were said to have been imported from Ethiopia.

Abyssinians are a very active and playful cat. They are not considered to be lap cats, simply because they are constantly exploring their surroundings. They don’t take much time to lay around. They will usually bond with one person in a household. Although they will co-exist with others, that one person will be their best friend, and may even become a lap cat for their true friend. They are very affectionate cats, and love to be loved. They do get bored easily, and must be constantly given attention and some sort of activity to keep them busy. They are very independent, and although they love attention, they do not actively seek it out. They will give you the impression that they would rather do things on their own. Be sure to keep them busy, as they tend to become depressed if they are bored.

The site of an Abyssinian is surely one to behold. They are strikingly beautiful creatures with their muscular body, arched neck, large ears, and their expressive almond shaped eyes. They are a medium sized cat, and generally have a life span of nine to fifteen years, assuming that they are from a healthy litter. No serious ailments are thought to plague the Abyssinian breed, however, some breeders have noted that there is speculation as to whether the Abyssinian is prone to develop Psychogenic Alopecia, which is a stress related disorder. This problem can lead to hair loss through overgrooming.

Grooming itself is relatively easy. The coat requires no special treatment, and a routine weekly brushing should suffice.

Overall, the Abyssinian is a fine choice for a pet, if you have the time to devote to it. They will need more attention than some breeds, so if you don’t have a lot of time to give your Abyssinian affection, perhaps another breed would be best. However, if you have time to spare for this beautiful cat, and want a playful, energetic, and fiercely loyal companion, then an Abyssinian would be a perfect choice for a new addition to your family.

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