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Cat Breeds - LaPerm


A very affectionate and gentle cat breed, the LaPerm is also distinguished by it coat of curly hair. The coat can be found anywhere from wavy to ringlet curls. There are long and short haired versions of the LaPerm. The longhairs generally have a plumed tail. The shorthairs normally have more texture to their coat. Both versions are beautiful, and the same personality traits are found throughout the breed.

Coat colors come in every pattern and color. No one color pattern is a distinguishing factor. However, some LaPerm kittens are born completely hairless, and some go bald when very young. This isn’t a worry, however, as the hair always grows back, and soon becomes the unique curly coat that the LaPerm is noted for.

The LaPerm is a loving and mild tempered breed. They can be gentle and active at the same time. They love to play and stay busy, but when you’re ready for a rest, they will happily accompany you, to lie in your lap or on your bed. They are a very people oriented breed, and are rightly known as a “lap cat”. They will soon make your lap their resting place, and will lay there for hours if you let them.

Although not a loud “speaker”, the LaPerm does purr quite often. Just stroking the back or belly of one of these lovelies will set off its purring, and will melt your heart. They normally purr just when they see you come into the room. They are a wonderful companion, and will bond with you very strongly. Just knowing that you’re near makes them happy, and then the purring begins. Take note, however, that the LaPerm is a very inquisitive breed, and like nothing more than to investigate every sound or movement. But when it’s time to rest, they are happily back at your side, or back on your lap.

Intelligence abounds in this breed, and they can be taught many tricks, including fetch and catch. They love playtime, and will keep you interested for hours just watching them swat at a crumpled up piece of paper. As long as you’re watching them, they are more than happy to entertain you.
Bringing a LaPerm into your home not only means that you’ll have a beautiful and unique cat to look at, but you’ll also have a life long friend and companion. Wonderful with other pets and children, a LaPerm is a perfect choice for almost every household. Given the proper medical treatments when needed, and routine vaccinations, you will have this beautiful creature for a long and joyful time.

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