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Cat Health and Cat Fun is Our Goal!

Girl with CatPurrBalls.com's goal is to inspire you to entertain your cats, share info on their well-being, and help you understand your cat's behaviour. We're pleased that you have visited our site. Enjoy the great pictures of cats our readers have submitted in our cat picture gallery.

Our site is divided into several sections. Cat Health shares information on feeding, grooming and lots of other health care topics. Owning A Cat helps prepare you for cat ownership by helping you choose the right kind of cat to suit you, and also has pages of information on behaviour and information on how to get ready to being home your new companion. Of course, having a cat in the home isn't all seriousness - it's a great deal of joy! Here at Purrballs we have compiled lots of tips our readers have sent over the years to give you lots of great ideas for entertaining your kitty (and you get to have fun in the process too!)

Oh, and brand new - our Cat Breeds section has information on over 40 different cat breeds, so be sure to check it out. Great information if you are considering a specialty cat breed, from the Abyssinian to the Turkish Van (almost A to Z)!

As mentioned above, plenty of our visitors over the years have sent us pictures of their furry feline friends. Visit the Cat Pictures gallery to view the photos and if you like, send us your kitty pics too via e-mail and we'll put them on our site!

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If you have any other thoughts or comments you'd like to share, please feel free to send them our way. Of course, please read our disclaimer and remember that we provide this website as a community service and if you have any concerns about your cat's health or well-being you should visit a veterinarian.

This site is dedicated to the original purrballs, Tisha & Pashu.